(ZCCP-IA) (Lab - ZScaler Online Instructor-led)

(ZCCP-IA) (Lab - ZScaler Online Instructor-led)

Zscaler Certified Cloud Professional - Internet Access (ZCCP-IA) (Lab - ZScaler Instructor-led)

Taking online professional training classes is now easier with the advancement of technology. The bandwidth has now improved and it has made the training program easier. The students who pursue the course of Internet Access that is a virtual instructor-led hands-on lab program need to give 13 hours for the program. There are companies that offer professional training programs like this and they all are virtual instructors led hands-on lab programs. In this program, all classes are held on the virtual medium and the instructor teaches from one end and the student is on the other end. There is a physical distance between the trainer and the student and instructor.

Importance of the training program

The training program has a huge prospect as it teaches the skill to manage the customers and the partners of the business. The skill will help to make the right investment into the business. The primary objective of the training program is to get in-depth knowledge about authentication and traffic forwarding. The traffic forwarding in terms of GRE and IPSec will help to attain the proficiency in port forwarding and proxy chaining. The authentication program will deal with SAML, LDAP, Kerberos, Fundamentals, etc. The e-learning will help to manage the bandwidth. The Hands-on lab format will be 8 hours that will be added up with 13 hours program.

The entire course is based on an interactive session and the successful completion of the training program will earn the student a certificate that will be valid for 2 years.

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