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Apache Cloud Foundry Online Training

What is Guidewire InsuranceSuite?

Guidewire InsuranceSuite™ provides a complete set of applications to support the core operations- underwriting, policy administration, billing, and claims management. InsuranceSuite’s comprehensive applications are built-on a common platform, covering the Property/Casualty insurance, Workers compensation life cycle while providing the deep functionality required to replace the existing legacy systems i.e. legacy systems are computer systems or application program which continues to be used because of the cost of replacing or redesigning it and often despite its poor competitiveness and compatibility with modern equivalents. The implication is that the system is large, monolithic and difficult to modify.Insurance companies, Banks and Consulting companies. The Guidewire tool has been successfully satisfying the customer.

Guidewire InsuranceSuite is a set of three core products that meet the core needs of property and casualty insurance carriers All Guidewire products are part of a three-tier architecture. Guidewire offers a set of applications designed to help property  and casualty insurance companies expedite their policies, billing, and claim requirements: Claim Center is an application designed  to manage the process of reporting, verifying, and making payments on claims against a policy. Policy Center is an application designed to issue,  modify, and maintain data about policies. Billing Center is an application designed to issue and track the premium payments for policies and associated account charges. Each application can function by itself, and each can be integrated with the other applications. Policy Center can be integrated with Billing Center, so that the two applications can share information about the payment expected, the payment schedule, and the possible  cancellation of a policy if payments are not received.

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