Vivid colors offer a life ray training that will first introduce you to portals and life ray, where it will explain to you about Types of portals, its features, and advantages. Experience the real-time implementation of different features of general familiarization to life ray tools and their applications, life ray portal is a web platform with features commonly required for the development of websites and portals. This life ray training or Life ray online training will also cover Life ray web content management where you will be able to understand web content in the portal application, WCM, and CMS Portlets, Inter-Port let Communication and many more features of life ray. In the last section, this Life ray Training will teach you about Life ray Portal Administration. During this, you will learn about User Management, organization and community Management, Server Administration, Portal Monitoring, Portal and System properties customization, Steps to build your own Portal and Managing Life ray metadata apart from other topics. For any details contact: +91-8790679998

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