SAP ALE IDOC Self Learning Online Training

SAP ALE IDOC Self Learning Online Training


Why SAP ALE IDOC is in more demand in Job Market?

ALE or Application Link Enabling is basically a system through which SAP systems communicate with one another and also with non-SAP EDI systems. Therefore, it can rightly be said that SAP ALE helps in the integration of distributed mechanisms. The system also supports fail-safe deliveries meaning that the sender mechanism does not need to worry about messages not being able to reach the source because of unavoidable circumstances. SAP ALE IDOC can effectively be used for maintenance and migration of master data and also for the exchange of transactional data. Used in account determination, pricing, output determination, and material determination, the SAP ALE IDOC enables the users to encapsulate their business rules without writing ABAP programs. This is the reason why it is in more demand across the job market.

Messages exchanged in the form of Idocs or intermediate documents serve like envelopes or containers for application data. IDOC is created because of the execution of outbound ALE.

Here, it is important to note that in inbound ALE, an IDOC works in the form of an input for creating an application document. Within an SAP ALE system, Idocs are created and stored in database tables. These can effectively be used for SAP to non-SAP and SAP to SAP process communication but only till the time the participating procedure are able to understand the semantics and the syntax of data. Each IDoc has specifically just one control record and the number of data records along with status records. It is because of the efficiency and the ease of carrying out business procedures through IDoc that SAP ALE IDoc is preferred in the job market.

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