SAP CPI HCI Online Training Videos

SAP CPI HCI Online Training Videos

What is SAP Cloud Inter sap cloud integration

 It acts as platform-as-a-service, through which a new application can be developed and existing applications can be modified. By using SAP Cloud Platform organizations can better engage with customers and empower employees and developers can build applications which are running in the cloud,

But still, access data from the premises or other clouds. It uses SAP HANA for its strong building of memory database technology,

 SAP Cloud Platform- Developer Edition offers various ways to help easy facilitation for users which are needed to develop a secured an ideal application for example for a 1GB Shared SAP HANA, SAP Cloud The platform supports the following integrated software or tools to maintain a keen and secured database by using SAP HANA, SQL via JDBC, Cloud Foundry, unlimited HTML app creations, JAVA test Drives, etc tools to make an application success in its own way of the environment of needs and tools.

SAP Cloud Platform is developed to build business applications in a fast and secure way.SAP and Apple Inc are collaborated to develop mobile applications on IoT using cloud-based software kits for the SAP cloud platform. SAP Cloud Platform is based upon open source technology, developed and partnered with SUSE.

The SAP Cloud Platform – originally introduced 3 years ago – has evolved to become the digital enterprise platform of choice for thousands of companies because of its breadth of capabilities that connect smart devices and machines with people and processes.

 In general SCP in SAP is mainly concentrated in allowing the organizations to extend their existence on cloud-based ERP applications by using the latest technology like blockchain, advanced analytics, machine learning to create and produce new enterprise business cloud applications for web and mobile usage. By using these applications users can access the data irrespective of location and data source by connecting to enterprise applications and data to IoT.

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