SAP Hana DB Administration Online Training

SAP Hana DB Administration Online Training

About SAP HANA DB Administration

Is basically an in-memory data podium that can be used in the form of an on-premise appliance or in the cloud. SAP HANA comes as a revolutionary podium that is perfectly suited to performing real-time analytics and deploying and developing real-time applications. The core of this data platform consists of SAP HANA database that is fundamentally varied from the other database engines available in the market these days. The SAP HANA DB Administration online training is perfectly suited for the system administrators and technology consultants authorized to handle data related to ongoing maintenance and operation of the SAP HANA platform. Once candidates are successful in completing the videos, they will find themselves at moderate levels of experience in operations and administration that make use of SAP HANA administration tools. They will have the skills and the training needed for ensuring the continuous and efficient operation of all the SAP HANA databases used in the corporate surroundings.

The SAP Hana DB Administration tutorial or video will help candidates in learning about SAP Hana Administration tools, system management, and availability user management and security, integration with non-SAP systems and data provisioning. Candidates will be able to use SAP Hana studio, command line administration tools and automate through operating system scripts by way of case studies and hands-on assignments.

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