SAP IBP Course Online

SAP IBP Course Online

What is Demand Planning and Functionalities in SAP IBP?

SAP IBP or Integrated Business Planning comes with some of the most innovative applications for sales and promotion, inventory optimization, demand planning, supply chain analytics, and response and supply planning. There are a number of things that SAP IBP can do and its applications can meet the advanced supply chain planning requirements of businesses in the most perfect manner.

SAP IBP demand planning and functionalities is an end-to-end demand planning engine that combines traditional mid-to-long-term planning depending on statistical procedures with scopes of running more precise and accurate demand sensing structures for improving the forecast accuracy for short-term planning horizon. This is a solution that 
combines exception-based and automated planning procedures along with manual planning potentials powered by 
SAP HANA speed and is based on the user-friendly Microsoft Excel interface.

SAP Integrated Business Planning for demand can be described as part of the SAP IBP suite. It enables end-to-end planning situations for gaining complete visibility across demand, supply and inventory for strategic and perfect decision making.  Moreover, it is completely integrated with different systems such as SAP APO and SAP ERP for receiving essential transactional and master data.

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