SAP IBP Inventory Planning Online Training

SAP IBP Inventory Planning Online Training

What is Inventory Planning in SAP IBP?

Inventory planning in SAP IBP has basically integrated business planning for inventory status at the right locations for absorbing demand variability or forecast error along with supply uncertainty while satiating the targets of customer service levels. Inventory optimization or planning helps in targeting inventory by making use of a set of definite algorithms for meeting objectives within the lowest possible inventory cost. This is for all locations throughout the whole supply chain.

The Process
It is always a good idea to plan things ahead. With inventory planning in SAP IBP, professionals get to have a clear understanding of the ins and the outs of inventory planning. They also get the skills in designing inventory planning procedure in setting up data models and in seeing how to perfectly integrate data models with SAP and non-SAP systems. there are step-by-step instructions that can help in configuring the entire planning area while executing a monthly
inventory scheme. Excel is the tool that needs to be used along with other analytical tools for finding out the progress of an inventory plan.

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