Statistical Process Control

Statistical Process Control

Learning the primary principal of Statistical Process Control

Understanding Statistical Process Control is directly related to our online course about the Guidewire Insurance Suite. The Guidewire Insurance Suit makes use of the following methodology as the core governing principle that supports the operational aspects of:

  • Billing and Claim management.
  • Policy Administration.

Statistical Process Control typically involves controlling and measuring of quality and is a prescribed standard of industrial methodology. These manufacturing and controlling are used for the manufacturing process. The product and process, management are used for Quality Management. These measurements are obtained when the actual production is executed. Walter Shewhart developed the first successful SPC (Statistical Process Control) at the beginning of 1920.  For recording, all the event s both usual and unusual, the control chart is used. Compared to the actual process performance, a typical Statistical Process Control involves the recording of the highest and lowest process observance.

Our aim for implementing the training of SPC is to manufacture a product that adheres to the standard of the specification more and more efficiently and reduces the chance for producing the scarp or rework. We encourage our learner to train on the central aspect of the SPC, that is, to identify the cause of any error and solve it efficiently.

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