What is SAP IBP ?

What is SAP IBP? How is demand it in Market?

If you have never heard about SAP IBP or Integrated Business Planning, chances are that you will soon be hearing about it, specifically if you have decided to work in an IT firm or in a company that uses SAP in its procedures. To be very specific, SAP IBP or Integrated Business Planning can be described as a new supply chain planning solution that can easily replace the more mature SAP AP or Advanced Planning Optimization.

SAP IBP Demand in the Market

SAP IBP is basically a model that makes way for greater planning accuracy along with operational performance simply by aligning finance, planning, sales, supply chain, product development and marketing functions. It is only because of this alignment that corporate performance is driven in the true sense. Therefore, there are good reasons that can be cited in support of the fact that SAP OBP is truly in huge demand throughout the market. The fact that it helps in improving corporate performance in the field of operating margin, working capital and earnings per share has increased its demand throughout.

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