Course Content - Oracle BPM Online Training

1. Product Installations

   Basics of the Weblogic Application Server (Core of Oracle SOA Suite)

   Weblogic Domain and Clustering

   Installing the Admin Server (Weblogic) & Managed Server (SOA)

   Creating SOA Domain, Installing Jdeveloper

   SOA Composite & BPM Editor

  2.Additional Actions

    Setting the Memory Limits (Performance Tuning)

    Starting & Stopping servers

    Console URLS

    Weblogic Console Setting

    EM Settings for development

    Testing Installation

  3. XML Technologies

    XML as used in the SOA



    Web services (WSDL, SOAP, SOAP Body & UDDI)

    X Path


  4. Oracle BPM suit

    BPM Architecture & Components

    BPM User Roles

    BPM Runtime Components

    BPM Application Development Lifecycle

 5. Building The validation into the Services

   Validation within a composite

   Using XML Schema Validation

   Schema Validation within the Mediator

   Schema Validation within the Service Bus

   Using Schematron for Validation

   Putting validation in underlying service

   Layer validation consideration

 6. Human Task

   Functional Details

   Human Workflow Service

   Work list applications

   Invoking the human task from BPEL

   Creating user interface to process task

   Processing the tasks with the worklist Application

 7. Improving Work Flow

   Dynamic task assignment

   Canceling or modifying a task

   Request additional information about a task

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