Course Content - SAP CPI HCI Online Training Videos

Below is the course content.

Overview of CPI training
SAP Cloud Platform,
SAP Cloud Platform Integration – Overview,
SAP CPI vs PI/PO – When to use what?,
Integration Solution Cloud vs. On-Premise,
On premise integration using cloud connector
Different commercial models and which one is right for your client ?,
SAP Cloud Platform Integration Service(Discover, design and Monitor)
SAP Content Catalog (Discover)
Pre-packaged content provided by SAP
Consuming pre-packaged content
Creating your own content package
how to have updates for customer enhanced pre-packaged contents
Demo- Show how we can import and use the pre-packaged contents
Developing Integration Flow (Design)
Available options in CPI
Design Home Page
Integration Flow
Integration Flow build page(palettes)
> Participants and Adapters
> Process
> Events
> Mapping
> Transformations
> Call
> Routing
> Security
> Persistence
> Validator
Manage Integration Content
Manage Security
Security Material
Connectivity Tests
POC/Scenario explanation
1. File to File using SFTP adapter
2. SOAP to SFTP (dynamic filename)
Overview of adapters configurations
SuccessFactors - Concepts and Configurations
Ariba - Concepts and Configurations
C4C - Concepts and Configurations
(System connectivity is not possible)
POC on few Pallets
XML to CSV conversion(Multicast, join, gather, general splitter, process call)
Content Modifier(header) with all options
Advance concept
Version Control
Transport Management

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