Course Content - SAP RPA Online Training

RPA Introduction
•Introduction to RPA & RDA
•RPA in BPM Concept
•BPM Vs RPA with example
•Different RPA Tools & Comparison
•Use Cases of Automation
•Blue Prism Tool Introduction
•Lifecycle of Automation Project, Roles & Responsibilities
Flow Charts
•Draw flowchart and diagrams
•Inputs and Outputs
Process Studio
•Running a Process
•Basic Skills
•Process Validation
Decision Stage
•Calculation Stage
•Data Items
Process Flow
•Circular Paths
•Set Next Stage
•Collections & Loops
•Pages for Organization
Inputs & Outputs
•Input Parameters
•Stepping and Pages
•Data Item Visibility
•Data Types
•Output Parameters
•Start-Up Parameters
•Control Room
•Process Outputs
Object Studio
•Creating a Business Objects
•Application Modeller
•Spying Elements
•Attribute Selection
•Attach & Detach
•Action Inputs & Outputs
•Data Item as Inputs
Error Management
•Recover & Resume
Throwing Exceptions
•Preserving the current exceptions
•Exception Bubbling
•Exception blocks
Queue Management
•Work Queues
•Queue Items
•Work Queue Configuration
Additional Features
•Collection Actions
•Choice Stage
•Log Viewer
•System Manager
•Process Grouping
•Export & Import
Release Manager
•Package creation
•Release of Process/Objects/Packages
Advanced Features
•Data Item Initialization
•Data Item Exposer (Environment Variables)
•Code Stage
Initialize and clean up
•Attribute Match Types
•Dynamic Attributes
•Active Accessibility
•Global Clicks & Keys
Advanced Concepts
•Surface Automation
•Web Service based application
•Certification Accreditation preparation
•Match Index & Match Reverse



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