Course Content - SAP Success Factors EC Payroll


1. Employee Central Payroll Introduction

2. Manage User Access

3. Entering Employee Data(optional)

4. Payroll Control Center (Basics)

5. Managing Employee Data

6. Localization & Additional Information


  DURATION: 3 hours including demo



7. Understand the EC to EC Payroll Integration Process

8. Steps in SAP SuccessFactors Provisioning to enable integration between Employee Central and

      Employee Central Payroll

9. Integration steps in Employee Central

10. Master data integration settings in EC Payroll

11. How to configure Point to Point replication

12. Steps required to set up data monitoring and troubleshooting tools


    DURATION: 3 hours





13. Payroll Control Center Configuration

14. Payroll Control Center Roles

15. Payroll Control Center Integration

16. Payroll Control Center Authorization

17. Payroll Control Center Tools

18. Case Study

19. Assesment

20. Social Learning & Future of Payroll


DURATION: 6 hours

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